Friday, May 26, 2017

Top 5 points in primary burn assessment

There are a lot of things that an EMT or Paramedic has to remember on scene of a burn emergency. What are the top 5 points that are key to primary assessment of a patient. Findings could be a difference between a patient needing transportation to the hospital or someone who's life is on the line.

General Impression of burn patient
Does an EMT hear stridor or crowing from the upper airway
are there obvious burns to the body and clothing
Are there burns to the neck and face (Red flag)
Is there singed hair, nasal hair singed, eyebrows, and other facial hair
Carbonaceous (black) sputum (spit)

Singed nasal hair could mean that the nasal passages are burned. This could me airflow blockage. Eyebrows could mean injuries to the eyes. Facial hair still smolders so make sure to stop any further burns.

Mental Status
Does an EMT find the patient alert, levels of alertness, or unresponsive?

Stridor indicates upper airway burn
Edema (swelling or liquid retention) to oral mucosa and tongue blocks airways
Burns around neck and face could mean burns to the upper airway. Edema to both may cause airway blockage
Black inside mouth could mean burns to the mouth or inhalation of chemical fumes.

EMT will find normal to increased breathing if airway or respiratory tract is not involved in burn emergency. Increased or decreased, labored, and shallow breathing if airway or respiratory tract obtain burns during accident.

An Emergency medical technician will find decreased circulation if the patient is severely hypoxic. If skin is not burned it may be cool, clammy and pale due to burn shock.

Top 8 things that EMT should look for at a burn emergency

An EMT or Paramedic has arrived to a scene that they were called to. The first thing is to make sure that they and their crew is safe from danger. What eight secondary but important things should an EMS crew look for at a burn emergency.

Burning structures or materials
Are buildings still on fire? Is there rubber burning in the area? Does your crew have the equipment to handle the smoke and debris while still saving a life? If the answer is that there is still things burning then wait till the Fire department puts them out or brings the injured to an area near you. Remember that you can't save this life and future lives if you become a burn victim yourself.

Some chemicals can be worked around. Others are going to need special equipment to work around or even a hazmat team. Do not rush in without protecting yourself, your crew, and your equipment.

Electrical Sources
If the burns are from an electrical source then an EMT needs to make sure that all electrical sources near the patient are turned off. 

Confined spaces
As an Emergency Medical Technician are you able to get to the burn victim or are you fit enough to flex your body into a confine space? Have you thought about flexibility exercises or Yoga?

Burned Clothing
Remove any clothing that is still burning or smoldering on the burn victim. Also remove any jewelry from the patients

Obvious burns to patient's body
Emergency Medical Technicians should know that burns are not only skin deep. The obvious burns need to be protected.

Evidence of explosion
A burn emergency may not be a burn at all but blunt force trauma with other MOI involved

Other blunt or penetration trauma
Did the patient obtain penetration trauma from falling debris. Did they fall on something? As an EMT were you informed that there was an explosion?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Diabetic meal idea 1

Since I'm in the process of losing 200 lbs, I thought I would share my Diabetic recipes and Diet program for Diabetics. This is no special diet or weight loss program. It is simply eating healthy food 20 meals a week and splurging on one meal. It has been successful too. I have lost a total of 143 lbs so far. I'm here to say "If you want to lose weight, you can lose weight!" I'm here to help.

6 ounces of grilled pork chop
1 cup of spinach
2 cups of salad
Paleo dressing of mustard, mayonnaise, black pepper, and diced jalapenos
1/2 cup of white rice
Green tea with no sweetener or sugar

I'll be back tomorrow night to give you another dinner idea. I hope that you will start following my diet program for Diabetics. I would love to hear how successful you have been on it and encourage you in your weight loss

Is BLOODLINES Profitable?

Our family continues to try to make money online by checking out Second Life Bloodlines. Bloodlines is a game system of Vampires and Werewolves. I don't know if it can be classified as a MMORPG but it comes close to it. It's a very popular game in Second Life.

What is the goal of the game? Just like any online game Bloodlines deals with gaming statistics. Everyone wants to have the highest win (kill/attack) ration within the game. Basically the person with the most souls wins. People also want to have the largest clans. This involves recruiting clan members.

What is the initial cost for Bloodlines? You will need the following from the liquid designs team in Second Life.
Developers pack
Apple Tree
Human Hud
Blood Cask
Barrel Siphon
Catalog Vendor
Cider Barrel
Haunt Location

Most of the cost comes from owning land in Second Life to actually have a Bloodlines Haunt Location. This can cost anywhere between $35 to $320 a month depending on the size of land your haunt is on. Then there is club staff and management that you have to pay. If you plan on having music at your events then that will be $10 for two hours of DJ services per allotment that you need.

Ultimately to keep a haunt open for a month it would roughly cost you $100 a month. To make your expenses back you would need nearly twenty four thousand customers each month. There are nearly one hundred and fifteen thousand Bloodline users. If you were able to get all of them to use your online business then that could be a profit of $913 U.S. a month. A difficult job to do as I believe not all members are active members.

Ultimately the profit will come from profits not related to the Bloodlines game and extra items that are related to the game in Second Life. For example Liquid Designs has a developers pack that sells for fifty linden. This allows you to use Liquid design scripts in whatever you would like to make. 

So can you make an income selling blood, cider, and lumens online? The answer is definitely. A person just has to know how to market it well. This continues our journey of making money online. We'll keep you updated on how much our family has made online.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Making Money Online In Second Life

Making money online with Second Life
Another way our family is trying to save money is by trying to make money online in Second Life and other virtual worlds. These virtual worlds offer all types of products to their community through builders and designers in these worlds. If you love to design, create, and script then this would be a market for you.

It seems that the most profitable industry is clothing but people also need a place to go to wear these wonderful fashion designs. Worlds need to be created and activities need to be scheduled. A person just has to look at Second Life market place to see the amount of things that people are buying
and the events that people are going to.

You don't think so? I belong to a group where one day a week everything is 30 linden. 30 Linden is not a lot of money but when you have 3000 people as part of the group that could be a weekly profit of $350 U.S. currency a week. You just have to make sure that the product is wanted and that you are advertising it well. 

My ultimate fantasy is to have several sims in Second Life and in the other virtual worlds. I want a huge shopping are of my designs and other peoples designs. I want a club with all types of music in one area. I want to be able to give people a real U.S. Salary while providing a service to the communities. 

Today beings a journey for our family. It's my hope that I will be able to hone my skills and show that anyone can make money online through Second Life and the other virtual worlds.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Flipping over Flipp?

Lately our family has been trying to save money and make money online. With the loss of one job we now have to save and make enough money to add up to $1600 a month. One way of saving money is by trying out all of these coupons and sales apps on our phone. The current cell phone app that I'm trying to work with is Flipp.

I'm sure that everyone has seen the advertisement where the couple is going over budget constantly. Our family budget feels the same way. So sales discounts and coupons are an important thing. The question is if Flipp actually provides enough savings to make a dent in our family budget.

The cell phone app Flipp is easy enough to use. The best thing to do is make a list of what you are looking for. Then Flipp will show you which sales are the closest to your family home. Personally there are some changes that I would like to make to this cell phone App. Everyone seems to offer the sale prices. No one breaks it down to price per pound, solid ounces, or fluid ounces. Our family budget is helped the most if we can find the meats and vegetables that are discounted by the pound. 

Has our family flipped out for the cell phone application Flipp? It's great for families on a budget who don't like to look through the discount fliers. I just want something more than a computerized discount flier. If I wanted fliers, I could look at the ones that I get in the mail. 
I want an App. that is going to save our family the most money with the least amount of work. So the search to save money and make money online continues.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Emergency medical training in Anchorage Alaska

Are you looking for a field in medicine where you can work outside and still help people? Then Emergency Medical Technician training might be right for you. The following two schools offer Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic training in Anchorage Alaska. Medicine is always a growing field and there is always a need as the population in the United States grows. Be sure to check with your city regulations. As one Emergency Medical Technician certification may not transfer to another state.

Alaska Career College
1415 E Tudor Road
Anchorage Alaska 99507
Only has Medical Assistant courses and Phlebotomy Technician courses. Both are great fields to go into. Technically any medical field is a good field to go into because it is a career that is in high demand. For those of you who don't know what a Phlebotomy Technician is, these are people draw blood and test blood for different reasons.

Charter College LLC
2221 E. Northern Lights
Anchorage Alaska 99508
Emergency Medical Course available
Tuition and fees will be about $18,000. This is extremely high priced since most Community Colleges in the United States offer first year Emergency Medical Technician courses for $1000. Most Paramedic courses cost $5000 plus the cost of food and housing.

Matanuska-Susitna College
8295 East College Drive
Palmer Alaska 99645
Paramedic Technologies