Wednesday, February 1, 2017

You are part of a team

As with everything in life, your going to come across the bad apples of your career. While working in public safety, you will come across people who always want to complain, who always have bad moods, who think that they are better than you. These people in the career just bring the whole team down.

As a Security Officer and First Responder I work on a campus of now 900+ citizens. In a three block radius, the campus is now a small town and growing. The company that I work for is now planning on opening a new building in March of 2017. So anyone could assume that with that many citizens we have to make a lot of calls to the city Police Department and the city Emergency Medical System. There are nights when our company will have 15+ Fire Fighters (Advance Life Support) and 10+ EMT's/Paramedics visit us a night.

Unfortunately, there will always be the grumpy ones and those who think they are better than you are. It takes a hit on your self esteem sometimes. Then factor in the fact that as first responders, EMT's and Paramedics we are always second guessing ourselves. What does someone do when this happens.

Sometimes a person has to remember their past and what they have been through. Sometimes someone has to toot their own horn and remember all the people that they have helped in the past. Sometimes a person has to not take it personally and let the negativity roll off their backs.

Try to remember that your part of a large team around the word the next time you are feeling down on the job. This one person is just a drop of water in a sea of brothers and sisters who do the same thing that you do day in and day out. Why? It's all about helping someone else who needs help. 

As an first responder, don't get caught up in the mess. Just keep doing what God made you to do.