Friday, April 1, 2016

Weight Loss Report Week 54

I can't believe that it has been over a year since I have started this weight loss journey. I'm not where I want to be on my diet. I have to remember that I am not where I was when I started my new diet. When I started on my journey I was 550 pounds and dying. My body had started destroying itself in the form of Diabetes. I can't say that I have everything under control but I am taking steps every day for a better life.

Starting Weight 550 Lbs
Current Weight 456 Lbs
Weight Loss 93 Lbs
Goal Weight: 343 Lbs
Wishful Thinking Goal Weight: 243
Ultimate Goal Weight: 150 Lbs

Current Body Index 54 (Obese)
Goal Body Index 19 - 25

Current Muscle, Bone, Tissue, and Fluid Mass 65%
Goal Muscle, Bone, Tissue, and Fluid Mass 90%
I know why I have gained ten pounds in two weeks. I really have not cared about what I put in my mouth. I had written about it in an earlier post called "The hell with it attitude on my weight loss journey" I guess I'm still trying to climb out of my hole of frustration. I'm going through some emotional stuff. I've been having feelings of abandonment. I need to get back on the positive road to this weight loss journey and stop emotionally eating.