Saturday, November 26, 2016

You were born to do great things Officer and Medic

It takes something special to choose a career in public safety. Let's not sugar coat anything. This is a career where a person gives, gives, and gives some more. Rarely does a person get a thank you when on the job. We are here to serve the public.

Fellow EMT students and myself are a little frustrated. Not only is the group attending classes to have careers in public safety but many of us work full-time jobs in public safety. 
It's easy to get burned out on school, career, home, and dealing with the public.

This is why people who work in public safety need a mantra every day. Personally everyone should have a mantra to get them through the hard times. To have something to build them up and keep them steady. This is especially true when people try to break a person down.

"You were born to do great things"

You were born to be an advocate for your city
You were born to bring life into the world
You were born to save a life
You were born to keep people safe
You were born to inspire

When going through the fire. When going through the muck and mire. Remember!

Food Review: Krogers Almond Butter

With the goal of being a healthier public servant, a group of us have decided to cut out extra sugars and chemicals in what we eat. This includes anything that come in a can, jar, package, bakery, or cafe. This is not going to be an easy feat for the sites restaurant reviews but we will figure something out.

On the side isle where the vegetables, bakery, deli, and salad bar is a shelf of loose nuts, beans, goodies, and spices. On the end of that section is a machine where a shopper can make three different kind of nut butters. The three selections where un-roasted peanuts, honey peanuts, and un-roasted almonds.

For a second this Diabetic Medic was going to have an attitude problem. Some of the people in my group have to live my two standards of eating. We can not have any added sugars to our foods and we want to cut out the chemicals in foods also.

Rick decided to try the almond butter. He thought it was a hit. Since many of us would trust Rick with our most valued possessions, we decided to do a review on Kroger's almond butter. What was the verdict.

Some of the group thought that the store had still added a sugar glaze to the almonds but after talking to the produce department, we found out that the peanuts at Krogers were the only items in the machine that had added sugar. The natural sweetness of the almond butter is nice. It give a sense of classic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without the added sugars.

A couple of us from our tasting group did complain about the thickness of Kroger's almond butter. Almonds don't have as much natural oil in them as peanuts do. Plus no oil is added to the mixture to make it as spreadable as most butters. Though this can be solved by added some sugar free jelly/jam to the mixture. 

Our suggestions are the classics:
Use it for sandwiches
Spread it on celery
Use it on whole wheat homemade crackers
Use it on apple slices

Friday, November 25, 2016

Nearly killed myself at the zoo

It's another day on my weight loss journey. Things started out good today. I just think that I pushed my body too much today. At 400+ pounds, I don't think my body was made to walk around for 5 full hours.

Don't get me wrong. I actually did it. I was extremely tired by the end of the day though. I did have to take a couple of breaks to sit down and rest. This was especially true at the end of the day when the feet were hurting and my energy was low.

This just means that I need to stay dedicated to my weight loss journey. My goal is to be able to walk at the zoo next Summer with no problem. I also hope to be working as an EMT on a truck. 

Why did I write this post? To those who are reading? I don't want you to give up on your weight loss journey. I don't want you to give up on the healthy changes in your life.