Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Burn Emergency Assessment and Care II

Today as a Emergency Medical Technician student we are studying Burn Emergencies. Burns can come from many sources but there are several algorithms that will remain the same when dealing with someone who has this mechanism of injury present. What if the burn victim's mental status is altered? What is a EMT or Paramedic to do then?

Is the mechanism of injury present?
If yes then EMT's should put patient into a manual in-line stabilization
If no then is the patient still in contact of the source of the burn?

Is the patient still in contact with the source of the burn?
If yes then Emergency Medical Technicians need to remove the patient from the source of burn, protect themselves, and extinguish any burning clothes.
If no then the Paramedic needs to assess the patients mental status

How is the patients mental status?
Are they alert and able to obey commands?
If no then the EMT needs to check to see if the patients airway is open
If yes then assess the patients breathing

Is the victims breathing adequate?
If yes, then the EMS should administer oxygen, assess circulation and then perform a rapid secondary assessment.
If no, then the EMT should provide Positive Pressure Ventilation with O2, assess circulation and do a rapid secondary assessment.

Is the burn less than 10% of burn surface area?
If yes, then Emergency Medical Technicians should dress the wounds wet
If no, then burn surface should be dressed with dry bandages

If there a spinal injury suspected?
If yes then immobilize the backboard

For every burn emergency, EMT's should maintain the patients body temperature, manage other associated injuries and manage specific burns

Dry chemicals:
Brush off chemicals and make sure not to break the skin with the brush
Irrigate the areas for 20 minutes

Liquid Chemicals
Irrigate burns for 20 minutes

Hands and feet
Dress between fingers and toes

Chemicals to the eyes
Irrigate for 20 minutes at scene and continue to do so while transporting patient to the emergency room.

Thermal burns to the eyes
Emergency Medical Technicians should patch both eyes

Electrical burns
Dress source and ground wounds, perform CPR if needed, and apply AED if in cardiac arrest

Transport the patient 
EMT's should do a reassessment while in transport to their location

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