Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Burn Emergency Care Keywords

Are you an EMT and know what a superficial burn is? How about the word Eschar? The following are keywords that an Emergency Medical Technician should learn to use on scene. I think the worst burn I've seen is a third degree burn on a child. Degrees of burns will be discussed later.

Superficial burn 
Burn that involves only the epidermis of the victim

Partial-thickness burn
Burn that involves the epidermis and portions of the dermis

Full-thickness burn
Burn that involves all the layers of the skin and can extend beyond the subcutaneous layer into the muscle, bone, or organs.

The hard, tough, leathery dead soft tissue formed as a result of a full-thickness burn

Circumferential burn
Burn that encircles a body area

Rule of nines
Standardized format to identify the amount of skin or body surface area (BSA) that has been burned.

Rule of ones
The concept that the area of a patient's palm is equal to about 1 percent of his body surface area (BSA); a way to quickly identify the amount of skin or BSA that has been burned.

Burn sheet
Commercially prepared sterile, particle free, disposable sheet used to cover the entire body in severe burn injuries.

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