Monday, May 8, 2017

Clinics and Diabetes just don't go hand in hand

Of course one of the most important things to controlling Diabetes is keeping your blood sugar down and lower you A1. The second most important thing that a person with diabetes can do is obtain a Personal Care Physician (PCP). Medical clinics just do not work for people with diabetes. The problem is that a medical clinic will only take care of the one medical issue that a person comes in for. 

For example there was a person at the local county hospital in Fort Worth Texas that came in due to leg pain. She thought that she had Diabetic neuropathy. The doctor took one look at her 
legs and said "You have Cellulitis and Edema. This is probably one 
of the factors that there is pain in your legs. what do you take for it?" 
The patient answered "I don't take anything for it." The doctor ran a 
few blood tests and left it at that.

A person would think that if a patient went into a clinic for leg pain then treatment should consist of treating the edema, cellulitis, and diabetic neuropathy. In truth, county hospitals are so busy with patients that they are unable to provide complete care. Or the doctors that are working in the clinics just want to handle the chief complaint of the patient. One would think that if all issues are taken care of, especially if all of it consists of is writing a prescription for antibiotics, then that action would have been done.

This is why it is important to obtain a primary care physician or family doctor the week that diabetes is diagnosed. The physician will take a complete medical history and do everything they can to help you control all of the results of diabetes.

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