Monday, May 15, 2017

Food Review:Simply Skinny Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a great hit at the Urban Farm. We don't have enough space to actually grow potatoes so we tend to buy them from the store. Everyone has been so busy trying to fix the farm and work full time jobs that we decided to check Simply skinny Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt Mashed Potatoes.

SIMPLY SKINNY says that they have a mashed potato product that has 40% less fat compared to traditional mashed potatoes. They also claim to have a great taste. We'll let three hungry men and two hungry women decide how skinny and tasty these mashed potatoes are.

SIMPLY SKINNY offers a mixture of roasted potato and mashed potato. The ranch hands like the fact that this is a chunky product. No one likes pulverized potatoes. Well some people may like potato soup but not this group of urban farmers.

There is a problem with the roasted garlic in the mashed potatoes. We all agreed that it seemed to overpower the product. We would have liked there to be more of a creamy 
taste than a mashed baked potato with a little cream, garlic, 
and sea salt. 

After microwaving the product the staff find themselves wanting to add more cream or butter
to the product to offset the garlic flavoring. Pepper definitely needs to be added once the mashed potatoes are warmed up.

One of the hands at the urban farm is worried about salt. We all wonder why because she sweats it out working on the farm. Thankfully sea salt is like the sixth item on the product list. The concern is that there is sea salt added and there is already salt in the cream that is added to the mashed potatoes. So check the label before you dive into these taters.

Ultimately our gang would suggest SIMPLY SKINNY to other foodies. These mashed potatoes just need a little doctoring up!

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