Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mexico Chiapas Coffee Blend

good coffee blends for the tastebuds
I'm very lucky to have lots of coffee near me. I'm always searching for good coffee blends. This coffee fanatic is also blessed to work at a place where there is coffee service. I work part time in retail. One of the benefits is that there are different types of coffee and teas to try every day.

Today's coffee bean is 7-11 Mexico Chiapas. The coffee service brought it in for us to try. The Mexico Chiapas coffee blend is a dark roasted bean. I have yet to find out if this is an organic grown coffee bean from Chiapas Mexico or another version similar to the Starbucks Chiapas coffee brew. 

The coffee bean comes from the slopes of Sierra Madre de Chiapas in South America. Grown in the high altitudes of the Sierra Madre in rich volcanic soil, the Mexico Chiapas gives off a crisp and nutty flavor. There's more to this good coffee blend. While some say that it would be great to drink with hazelnut syrup, I personally believe that it has it's own nutty sweetness.

The Mexico Chiapas starts out smooth, then blends into a creamy middle, and ends with a roasted acidity. Our family believes that it is going to be a coffee brand that is going to be a favorite in the house hold for a while. Mexico Chiapas will definitely be added to the list of good coffee blends.

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